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Latest Update

Australian cities are increasing relying on desalination to supply drinking water

Ian Wright, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science, Western Sydney University and Jason Reynolds, Research Lecturer in Geochemistry, Western Sydney University, have written two articles at The Conversation, that look at the increasing reliance of Australian cities on desalination to supply drinking water.

From the late 1990s to 2009 southeastern Australia suffered through the Millennium Drought. This was a time of widespread water stress. It changed the Australian water industry for ever.

Just as many of the massive new desalination factories were completed, and proudly opened by smiling politicians, it started raining. The desalination plants were switched off as storages filled. However, water consumers still had to pay for the dormant plants to be maintained – hundreds of millions of dollars a year in the case of the Melbourne and Sydney plants.

Now drought has returned to southeast Australia. Once again, many capital city water storages are in steep decline.

To read the complete first article, please click here.


Recently Placed Positions

Position Industry Location State
Commercial Manager Infrastructure Sydney  NSW
Maintenance Manager Chemical Manufacturing Sydney NSW
Architectural Engineer Building Products Sydney NSW
Asset Engineer (contract) Infrastructure Sydney NSW
Senior Project Manager Infrastructure Perth WA
Project Engineer (contract) Infrastructure Perth WA
Commercial Manager (contract) Infrastructure Sydney NSW
Mechanical Electrical Technicians – 2 placements Infrastructure QLD
Engineering Manager Chemical Manufacturing Sydney NSW
Project Manager (contract) Infrastructure Sydney NSW
Chemical Plant Operator Chemical Manufacturing Sydney NSW
Laboratory Manager Professional Services Sydney NSW
Stystems Engineer (contract) Infrastructure Sydney NSW
Plant Manager Manufacturing Manila, Philippines
Structures Engineer (contract) Infrastructure Sydney NSW
Maintenance Staff – 10 placements Infrastructure QLD
Receptionist (contract) Infastructure Sydney NSW
Accounts Payable (contract) Infrastructure Sydney NSW
Project Cost Officer Infrastructure Sydney NSW
Technician Professional Services Sydney NSW
Commercial Manager (contract) Infrastructure Sydney NSW




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