These Are Life Lessons You’ll Wish You Knew Later on in Life

10 Aug 666 Views
According to Lou Adler, CEO The Adler Group: Leadership begins with a vision, confidence and persistence. Confidence and persistence begins by stretching yourself and sometimes failing.  In his article he quotes Zig Ziglar “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  That’s a principle… View Article

How to Become a More Well Rounded Leader

27 Jul 761 Views
Tony Schwartz from The Energy Project writes in the Harvard Business Review  that when stressed we overuse our strengths, which  may make our strengths  become liabilities, causing greater workplace issues. “Simply noticing this inclination has reminded me of the choices I can make  every day at work. But that’s not enough.  It is also important… View Article

What to do when your top performer stops performing.

12 Jul 699 Views
A senior operations staffer is performing poorly. How do you get a star back on track?  This recent article in offers a few ideas from various CEO’s on What to do When Your Top Performer Suddenly Stops Performing. “I’d ask the employee what he or she thinks should happen, and then we’d work together to find… View Article

“You Are Not Good Enough”

07 Jun 745 Views
  “You Are Not Good Enough“……In any one week I will speak with several people applying for jobs or ringing in to see “How is the market?” who have been told this by their employer. These people are usually excellent candidates and good at what they do. So what has happened? Invariably they have had… View Article

Positive step towards more being done for older Australians

03 May 828 Views
With such alarming trends having been documented,  it is so positive to see that Beyondblue and the NHMRC have partnered to launch a $5 million grant calling for research proposals to consider and improve the Mental Health of Aged Care residents. To read the full article click here. Blog Posted by Roxayne West, Principal Consultant Health Care, May 2017 Roxayne West… View Article

457 Visa restrictions – impact Australian businesses

03 May 1055 Views
An article in the Financial Review reports that the government’s changes to the 457 visa could limit Australian businesses the opportunity to be world leaders. With many businesses considering the option to move operations offshore – as global executives are being denied a path to permanent residency,  able to only do a “two year stint” in Australia as… View Article

Talent is not sufficient………being effective is what gets the job done

13 Feb 1048 Views
Talent is not sufficient………being effective is what gets the job done.  The Macquarie Dictionary defines talent as “a special natural ability or aptitude”. The sporting world abounds with people who possess talent (special natural ability) in abundance but cannot deliver on the day or are up and down in their results or play below their… View Article

NMBA draft Code of conduct for nurses & midwives

24 Jan 1049 Views
The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) is inviting nurses and midwives to view the draft Code of conduct for nurses and Code of conduct for midwives (the Codes), and have your say before the documents are finalised. The Codes set out the legal requirements, professional behaviour and conduct expectations for nurses and midwives… View Article

“So this is Christmas and what have you done….”

24 Dec 1080 Views
To quote John Lennon and Yoko Ono “So this is Christmas and what have you done….” about your career? To make use of golfing parlance the Saturday of a major golf tournament is “moving day” positioning oneself for the final day of competition. In Australia candidate activity markedly increases in January. January is “moving day”… View Article