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Are you ready for 2020? Make It A Good One…Employee New Year Resolutions often include “It’s Time to Move …. Up, Out or Different”.  The New Year brings about a lot of movement in the job market. As a potential candidate or as a Manager, are you ready?

Employee/Candidate Check List

  • Define what your next job is going be, key attributes, where it will lead you.  Like any project –  getting the beginning right will reap reward.
  • Sometimes the best place to get your next move is with your current employer.
  • Resume ready? Demonstrate your capability by succinctly describing “what” you have achieved, leave the “how” and “why” you did it for the interview. Stick to facts and wherever possible use numbers. Avoid self-assessments such as dynamic, excellent…such things are relative, and if true, will come out at the interview.
  • Share your resume with your principal referees.
  • Check in with your mentors or referees for a reality check on your career goals.
  • Update and tidy-up your social media especially LinkedIn. Use the Summary Section to tell your career: how it evolved; what drives you to be successful.
  • Job search is a business problem.  You will negotiate an employment contract.  This is similar to negotiating any other contract, use your business skills.
  • Review and update your professional network.
  • The only one truly managing your career is – you.

Manager/Employer Check List

  • Check in with your key people and high performers.  Are you on the same wave length when it comes to their thoughts about career, professional development, culture fit and job satisfaction?  It will be painful if they leave.
  • Update and tidy up your social media especially LinkedIn – Would you work for you?  Candidates often make go/no go decisions on the basis of  what they think of the person they might be working for.

Best wishes for 2020!

Blog Posted by Garry King, Director – January 2020

Garry King is an Executive Recruitment Consultant, Owner and Practice leader at Kingscroft Consulting. Garry has been in the recruitment industry for over 23 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help both candidates and employers across many specialist industry sectors.