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Death_to_stock_communicate_ideasTo start 2016 in a more creative frame of mind,  why not attend one of The Arts Health Academy  short courses that are starting in February for health, aged care and arts professionals to develop innovation, mastery and creativity at work.

The Heart of Leadership

The aged care sector is undergoing continual change. It needs leaders who are strong, creative, dynamic, skilled and emotionally intelligent.

To help aged care professionals and senior managers meet this challenge in a new and exciting way, the Arts Health Academy is pleased to offer this unique two-day workshop.

Presented by

Andy McDonell – Arts Health Academy Co-Director

Maurie Barlin – Relationship Support and Development, Arts Health Institute


The Heart of Leadership is an immersive, interactive and innovative approach to learning new skills.


Content is linked to aged Care Standards 1.3, 1.5, 1.6 and 1.9.

Supercharge your personal leadership and communication styles.

Build trust and enthusiasm in your team – renew purpose and self-fulfillment.

Discover how playfulness creates connection and engagement, develops relationships and brings about cultural change.

Be surprised by what’s inside.


“It is good to explore yourself and the mindfulness of your own emotions as a leader and that to be playful brings out the best in people. They brought out a side in me that I think was always there but I was just a bit frightened to show. I would absolutely recommend it, it’s been fantastic.”

Heart of Leadership participant Simone Albury, Therapy and Lifestyle Centre and Elderwise Supervisor at Strathearn Village, Scone.

Watch the video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=RjTo6RIi-zA)


The course will run  Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 February in Sydney.

Small class size – limited numbers – exceptional value



Creativity at Work

6 weekly workshops for all people working with elders in aged care facilities, community services, in hospitals and at home.

Commencing 17 February 2016, Sydney.


How do we meet the clinical side of care while also giving the best quality of life, both spiritually and emotionally, to our elders? This course is about exploring opportunities and learning creative solutions, to improve the engagements and connections we have with our elders, as we go about our daily work.

For more information click here (http://artshealthinstitute.org.au/Education/Creativity-at-Work.aspx)