A report shows that New Zealand has similar problems to Australia, where the Nursing Industry is concerned

11 Nov 1685 Views
Exhaustion woes at hospitals – Frontline workers at Auckland District Health Board are complaining of under-staffing, exhaustion and unpaid overtime. A Safe Staffing Healthy Workplace report, includes nine recommendations for change. Of the DHB’s 10,000-plus staff, 685 took part in an online survey in July and August. About 70 staff also gave face-to-face interviews. Almost… View Article

Fire Engineers Conference talks building safety

13 Oct 1781 Views
CANBERRA: Strategies to prevent a tragedy on the scale of a Sydney nursing home inferno that killed 14 people dominated discussions at a fire safety conference in Canberra. About 160 delegates, primarily from Australia and New Zealand, debated methods of improving building safety on the first day of the Institution of Fire Engineers Australia conference…. View Article

Reducing Risk of Staff Injury

30 Sep 1685 Views
At Macquarie University Hospital last week I met with Amanda Houghton, the Manager of Safety, Risk and Compliance as well as  Edwina Moran, the Manual Handling Coordinator. They were explaining how the hospital is always looking at ways to increase care for the patients while reducing the risk of injury to their staff. The hospital has… View Article

Creativity and Engineering

23 Sep 1693 Views
Creativity and Engineering……The Swan River Bridge project reinforces that not only do “engineers Make Things Happen” they are creative in how they do it to produce aesthetically pleasing and functional results…. for more details click here.     Photo courtesy of www.perthstadium.com.au 

The Bad, The Good and The Ugly ….

18 Sep 1651 Views
 These thoughts came to me as I was lying in bed at 5:00 this morning contemplating how much longer before I had to get out …. I was thinking about the different experiences my sister has faced in the last couple of days having been retrenched from her job last Friday. She loved her job, her… View Article

Who is better qualified to lead Recruitment?

10 Sep 1438 Views
If the acquisition of talent is necessary for business success, then who should lead recruitment? Here is a view… http://tinyurl.com/op6devw   Blog Posted by Garry King, Director – September 2015 Garry King is an Executive Recruitment Consultant, Owner and Practice leader at Kingscroft Consulting. Garry has been in the recruitment industry for 19 years, and… View Article

What happened to the Clever Country?

04 Sep 1469 Views
Switzerland creates wealth through manufacturing, Australia digs holes and sells farms….a lost opportunity for manufacturing in Australia … http://tinyurl.com/q8joetp  

A dilemma for those of us with elderly parents

26 Aug 1534 Views
It is now common for us baby boomers to be faced with the dilemma of whether to place our elderly parents in a home or to try and keep them in their own home, especially with the advent of the LLLB (Living Longer Living Better) Act last year and the consequential changes to the provision… View Article

Managing Your Career

06 Jul 1623 Views
Managing Your Career……times are fluid, re-organisations, downsizings, mergers, take overs, changing technology, economies change, and share markets move. The chances of someone other than you worrying about your career and standard of living are pretty slim.  Even if you work in a company that espouses that it manages talent or establishes succession plans or contributes… View Article