These Are Life Lessons You’ll Wish You Knew Later on in Life

10 Aug 1111 Views
According to Lou Adler, CEO The Adler Group: Leadership begins with a vision, confidence and persistence. Confidence and persistence begins by stretching yourself and sometimes failing.  In his article he quotes Zig Ziglar “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  That’s a principle… View Article

Talent is not sufficient………being effective is what gets the job done

13 Feb 1453 Views
Talent is not sufficient………being effective is what gets the job done.  The Macquarie Dictionary defines talent as “a special natural ability or aptitude”. The sporting world abounds with people who possess talent (special natural ability) in abundance but cannot deliver on the day or are up and down in their results or play below their… View Article

“So this is Christmas and what have you done….”

24 Dec 1763 Views
To quote John Lennon and Yoko Ono “So this is Christmas and what have you done….” about your career? To make use of golfing parlance the Saturday of a major golf tournament is “moving day” positioning oneself for the final day of competition. In Australia candidate activity markedly increases in January. January is “moving day”… View Article

It’s All About (My) Career…

08 Dec 1582 Views
Looking back on 2016 (yes it’s Christmas already!) I have spoken with quite a number of candidates who are looking to change jobs and many have asked “What should I be doing to get a new job?” or “How is the market?” or “Is my resume fit for purpose?” The short answer I normally give… View Article

It’s not about responsibility. It’s about the capability to deliver.

03 Feb 2531 Views
Responsibility……..what does this mean when you want a job or an employee??? I have responsibilities you have responsibilities…so what? Many a resume lists responsibilities for each role held.  This gives some idea on what should have or may have happened but does not tell us about someone’s capability.  Responsibilities do not tell us what has… View Article

Is your Experience a Factor??

21 Jan 3048 Views
Is your Experience a Factor??……. Look at most job adverts, read most job descriptions and the term experience looms large. But what does experience mean? One definition is “The knowledge or skill acquired by a period of practical experience of something, especially that gained in a particular profession.” ( ). If we accept this definition… View Article

The Bad, The Good and The Ugly ….

18 Sep 1652 Views
 These thoughts came to me as I was lying in bed at 5:00 this morning contemplating how much longer before I had to get out …. I was thinking about the different experiences my sister has faced in the last couple of days having been retrenched from her job last Friday. She loved her job, her… View Article

Managing Your Career

06 Jul 1623 Views
Managing Your Career……times are fluid, re-organisations, downsizings, mergers, take overs, changing technology, economies change, and share markets move. The chances of someone other than you worrying about your career and standard of living are pretty slim.  Even if you work in a company that espouses that it manages talent or establishes succession plans or contributes… View Article

Managing Oneself…..Job Search

09 Jun 1649 Views
“Managing Oneself” an article (HBR 1999) written by Peter F. Drucker  who was renown for his teaching and thinking of management practice,  hailed by BusinessWeek as “the man who invented management.” ( The core message, we can not rely on others/employers to chart our career paths but must learn to manage and develop ourselves and… View Article

“Will This Open Space Work?”

01 Jun 2417 Views
“Will This Open Space Work?” 1999 is not that long ago (well not for me!) therefore it was of interest to find this HBR case study by Jacqueline Vischer. The basis of the study was “The CEO wants to increase collaboration and cut costs with an open-plan work space, but knowledge workers say they need… View Article