Change is a constant and we adapt ….

06 Mar 1587 Views
This interesting article reflects the uncertainty that a lot of older professionals are experiencing in Australia (is 40 the new 65?) ….    

Talent Associates with Talent

29 Sep 2197 Views
In Veronica Scrimshaws recent NPA blog “Social Media for Recruitment” she referred to the infomatic from  on how social media is being used by employers, recruiters, and job seekers. One point being; “75% of all employers and recruiters look at job seekers’ social media profiles before they make a hire”. I would add that… View Article

Is My Age a Factor?

10 Nov 2752 Views
In my job as a recruiter, I would hear this question at least several times a month.  It is a natural reaction for a middle aged or older person who needs to or expects to keep working.  They are confronted by news stories about companies downsizing.  They have concerns that if they lose their job… View Article

Resumes Matter

10 Oct 2394 Views
As part of our work at Kingscroft, we try to track candidates so that we can contact them as roles come up that might suit them. We do this by maintaining a data base and asking candidates permission to keep their details on record. About 12 months ago we were running an assignment where we… View Article

Job Search – A View

16 Sep 3110 Views
Position made redundant? Coming back into the work force? Looking  for a career move?……….You probably consider yourself in “Job Search Mode”. A natural response to this thought is: “this is somewhat foreign, scary”….. “not something I am used to doing”…………. “what should I do next?”…………….. As with most change situations you probably feel uncomfortable and… View Article