These Are Life Lessons You’ll Wish You Knew Later on in Life

10 Aug 1111 Views
According to Lou Adler, CEO The Adler Group: Leadership begins with a vision, confidence and persistence. Confidence and persistence begins by stretching yourself and sometimes failing.  In his article he quotes Zig Ziglar “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  That’s a principle… View Article

“You Are Not Good Enough”

07 Jun 1142 Views
  “You Are Not Good Enough“……In any one week I will speak with several people applying for jobs or ringing in to see “How is the market?” who have been told this by their employer. These people are usually excellent candidates and good at what they do. So what has happened? Invariably they have had… View Article

457 Visa restrictions – impact Australian businesses

03 May 1565 Views
An article in the Financial Review reports that the government’s changes to the 457 visa could limit Australian businesses the opportunity to be world leaders. With many businesses considering the option to move operations offshore – as global executives are being denied a path to permanent residency,  able to only do a “two year stint” in Australia as… View Article

Talent is not sufficient………being effective is what gets the job done

13 Feb 1453 Views
Talent is not sufficient………being effective is what gets the job done.  The Macquarie Dictionary defines talent as “a special natural ability or aptitude”. The sporting world abounds with people who possess talent (special natural ability) in abundance but cannot deliver on the day or are up and down in their results or play below their… View Article

It’s All About (My) Career…

08 Dec 1582 Views
Looking back on 2016 (yes it’s Christmas already!) I have spoken with quite a number of candidates who are looking to change jobs and many have asked “What should I be doing to get a new job?” or “How is the market?” or “Is my resume fit for purpose?” The short answer I normally give… View Article

Manufacturing making money in Australia

14 Sep 1762 Views
  In our latest News Update on our home page  we have posted an article from the Sydney Morning Herald which outlines why for some companies, “Made in Australia” is a better option from a financial and business sense. Reading this good news article, we thought it appropriate to repost a blog  from December 2015, that also… View Article

It’s not about responsibility. It’s about the capability to deliver.

03 Feb 2531 Views
Responsibility……..what does this mean when you want a job or an employee??? I have responsibilities you have responsibilities…so what? Many a resume lists responsibilities for each role held.  This gives some idea on what should have or may have happened but does not tell us about someone’s capability.  Responsibilities do not tell us what has… View Article

Is your Experience a Factor??

21 Jan 3048 Views
Is your Experience a Factor??……. Look at most job adverts, read most job descriptions and the term experience looms large. But what does experience mean? One definition is “The knowledge or skill acquired by a period of practical experience of something, especially that gained in a particular profession.” ( ). If we accept this definition… View Article

Making Money Out of Manufacturing

22 Dec 1953 Views
It is not unusual for us to hear from the media or our own networks that Manufacturing in Australia is “under the pump”…increasing energy costs, jobs moving overseas, economies of scale not being available in Australia, expensive labour. Despite the negativity there are major success stories e.g. Resmed, CSL, ZIP.  In all manufacturing companies there… View Article

The Bad, The Good and The Ugly ….

18 Sep 1652 Views
 These thoughts came to me as I was lying in bed at 5:00 this morning contemplating how much longer before I had to get out …. I was thinking about the different experiences my sister has faced in the last couple of days having been retrenched from her job last Friday. She loved her job, her… View Article