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Why Kingscroft

How Kingscroft can Help

80% of the time, employers solve their recruitment challenges themselves without going to market.

20% of the time employers will go direct to market themselves or via RPO or via consultancies.

It is when the role creates questions in your mind such as:

Hard to find talent…..” we have been looking to fill this role for several months and still no success”

…………….”what do we need to do to get good people to join us?”

………………”we are not sure where we are going to find this person and how we will get them on board”

Specific Culture Fit…….”we need people with a specific make up to fit the business and are competent to fulfil the role”

Unclear job definition …”are there people out there who do this?”

…. “Is there such a job role?”

Confidentiality…….”not everyone in the team knows that we will be replacing someone”

“this is a market sensitive role and we want to keep  the recruitment   quiet”

Timely completion………”we do not have the time/resources or know how to do this in a timely manner”

When you are asking yourself these questions, Kingscroft can answer them

  • By finding hard to find people quickly
  • Being prepared to hang in there to get the right solution
  • Identifying talent for roles across Australia Asia and beyond
  • Getting talented people to join your organisation who will add value
  • Proactively working with you to find talent for now and in the future

“We get to know your business and proactively help you achieve your goals.”

Whilst we provide executive recruitment to any industry, Kingscroft specialises in:


Infrastructure and Construction

Chemical Food and Building Products

Project Management

Science Medical Pharma and R&D

Supply Chain and Manufacturing