Kingscroft provides mid to senior level contractors, quickly adding value to your business when you have a project or short term vacancy that requires expertise and experience currently not found within your organisation.

We have access to a large pool of mid level to senior executives from:

  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Building Services (Property Management, Facilities Management, Lifts, Access systems, Fire and Security
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure (Road, Rail, Electricity, Water)
  • Operations Management – Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Distribution
  • Aged Care

They have held roles in General Management, Technical/R&D, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Service Management Operations, Project Management, Commercial/Contract Management, QA, Risk/OHSE, Legal; and are often available at short notice.

While Sydney based we successfully fill roles around Australia (ask us how).

Major advantages of using Contractors

  • Rapidly Increase Capability and Capacity in your business to address business issues, add value, meet peak load and undertake projects.
  • Manage Risk – add key resources quickly and if necessary downsize quickly without liabilities associated with permanent employees.
  • Save Money. Even though contractors earn more per hour than they would as an employee to do the same work, it usually costs more to hire permanent employees.
  • Reduce Complexity and Administration Contractors require the least in-house administration compared with permanent employees or casual.
  • Access Expertise and Diversity developed at someone else’s cost. Contractors have more than one client, so they can often draw on a wider range of recent experience than most employees.
  • Contractors have seen how problems were overcome in other businesses and can apply the same approach elsewhere.
  • Contractors can fill-in while employees are trained and may provide the training for your employees.
  • Contractors can leave and come back, useful for project or cyclic work and they will already know the business.