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Recent Placements - Photo - Death to the Stock PhotoTony Schwartz from The Energy Project writes in the Harvard Business Review  that when stressed we overuse our strengths, which  may make our strengths  become liabilities, causing greater workplace issues.

“Simply noticing this inclination has reminded me of the choices I can make  every day at work. But that’s not enough.  It is also important to build complementary strengths or “positive opposites.”

Consider the challenges that modern corporate leaders — and especially CEOs — now face, in addition to running their companies every day:

  • A high likelihood that the company they run has a business model that is being seriously disrupted, most often as a result of technology.
  • A far more vocal and influential group of stakeholders, including employees, customers, and the public at large, all emboldened by their access to social media and by the speed at which their opinions can go viral.
  • A highly volatile political climate that has prompted fear and uncertainty both inside and outside companies.
  • Ambivalence about how to best attract, manage, and retain Millennials, who now represent the largest generation in the workforce, expect more flexibility in the way they work, and prefer to work for employers with a mission that goes beyond maximizing profit.

How can leaders balance these complex and often competing demands? The core challenge for modern leaders, I believe, is to become more wholly human – to actively develop a wider range of capabilities and to more deeply understand themselves.”

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