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Looking back on 2016 (yes it’s Christmas already!) I have spoken with quite a number of candidates who are looking to change jobs and many have asked “What should I be doing to get a new job?” or “How is the market?” or “Is my resume fit for purpose?”

The short answer I normally give is “Changing jobs is a 2 step process”.   That is the candidate needs to:

  • Identify what their next job looks like and how it meets their needs, and
  • have a rough idea of what the job following the prior step (job) will be. deathtostock_lonely_commute-01

Hence the notion of moving along a career path.  My observation is people who manage their career well (rather than let it happen to them) are clear on their career path and review their progress on a regular basis.

Increasingly candidates are focussed on how the next job will benefit their career.  General statements around employer brand, company culture and professional development policies are not sufficient.  The savvy candidate wants to know in tangible terms (what, when and how). What the employer’s support will be for their career development, when and how it will be provided.  This then leads to questions around Who will be my manager? What can I learn from them? and How will they allow me to achieve and develop?

While job stability and salary are important considerations for ambitious candidates “It’s all about my career”.

Garry King, Director

Garry king Kingscroft Garry King is an Executive Recruitment Consultant, Owner and Practice leader at Kingscroft Consulting. Garry has been in the recruitment industry for 19 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help both candidates and employers across many specialist industry sectors.