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Kingscroft has been a member of NPAworldwide for over 14 years.  NPAworldwide is referred to as the Worldwide Recruiting Network as it is literally worldwide with 500 members around the globe.  It is a network for independent recruiters.

Our membership with NPAworldwide is of benefit to both our candidates and clients, take a look below to see how it may benefit you ……

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An Overview

For more than 50 years, NPAworldwide, The Worldwide Recruiting Network has been connecting independent global recruiting firms to facilitate split placements.  NPAworldwide is the oldest recruiting network of its kind, with an international membership of recruiting firms located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

NPAworldwide members are supported and protected by a series of dynamic and clearly defined rules of conduct – this in turn protects you.

The NPAworldwide is selectively adding new members to its global recruiters network.  And, the plan is to continue to increase membership in diverse geographic locations and industries.  Although they do not target new members in any specific country or area of specialization, they are actively building an even stronger global recruiters network in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, including the Middle East.

Benefit to Employers ……

NPAworldwide global recruiters fill critical openings faster, provide better candidate quality, and deliver the power and reach of a top recruiting network.

NPAworldwide recruiters can provide an array of global recruiting resources not available from non-member organizations, such as:-

  • Speed.  NPAworldwide’s ability to quickly fill critical roles reflects positively on you and your ability to achieve company goals.  Each NPAworldwide member firm has the power of a more than 400-firm network behind their effort to find the perfect candidates for your important positions.
  • Global reach.  There are NPAworldwide members on six continents, offering clients access to candidates and knowledge of local conditions anywhere in the world.  It’s a local connection that gives you global reach.
  • Passive candidates.  Sometimes the best candidates for a position are  employed and are not available on job boards. NPAworldwide’s recruitment firms have access to a large pool of passive candidates developed by more than 400 firms and 1600 recruiters on six continents.
  • Multiple firms working together. The cooperative spirit of a member-owned network means you pay for one firm’s services while leveraging the strength of the entire global recruiting network.
  • A specialty focus.  Many NPAworldwide recruiters specialize in different industries. Employers benefit from a network of recruitment specialists who are uniquely qualified to provide global recruiting resources for your worldwide headhunting needs.

Benefit to Jobseekers …….

Working with an NPAworldwide member ensures:

  • A Larger Pool of Employers. Working with an individual recruiter means you are working with their employer connections. NPAworldwide members have access to the contacts and relationships of more than 425 NPAworldwide member recruiters.
  • A Specialty Focus. NPAworldwide recruiters are specialized in many different areas. Finding a network of recruiters focused on your job specialty will create the best possible collection of opportunities for your potential placement.
  • Expertise in Matching Candidates and Employers. NPAworldwide members are professionals. A match that doesn’t work for the employer can be a damaging career move for you. Since NPAworldwide members guarantee their work to employers, it is in everyone’s best interest to find a solid long-term fit for you as a candidate and the right employee of the employer. Turnover is equally painful for all that are impacted by its effects.
  • Free to the Job Seeker. You can go it alone or you can have the support and guidance of a placement professional, all at no cost to you. The choice is clear. In addition to placement, coaching, and real-time feedback while engaged in a job search, all NPAworldwide members can offer relocation support services and other career- related tools to make your move to a new position even more efficient and productive.