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Deat_to_Stock_Goods_8When did you “promote” someone who was already doing the same job that you promoted them into? My guess? Never!

Line managers look to promote talent into roles they have not done before. We hope that, we (the line manager) have identified that this person has the capability to meet the challenge and stretch that are inherent in a bigger job and that they will be successful. In the main it is the challenge and stretch that gets the person to sign up for the bigger role.

The traits the line manager seeks in the person they want to promote include attitude/motivation, people skills, ability to adapt and learn and capability (a track record of meeting and exceeding goals and solving problems).

Contrast this with recruiting people from outside the organisation. My observation is, that often external candidates are matched with a job description full of responsibilities, skills, reporting lines and education requirements. None of these are predictors of success nor are they the criteria by which (in the main) we promote internally.

When talented people change jobs they seek challenge, interesting work, the opportunity to learn and grow, and the environment within which they can achieve (culture/fit).

If we want to recruit talented people into the organisation we need to ensure that these things are there. Asking a talented person to change jobs and have the same experience/job is not going to work.

The above has been provoked by writings of Lou Adler  who promotes a systematic process to secure talent and measure the quality of the hire.

Garry King

Blog Posted by Garry King, Director – January 2018

Garry king Kingscroft Garry King is an Executive Recruitment Consultant, Owner and Practice leader at Kingscroft Consulting. Garry has been in the recruitment industry for 19 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help both candidates and employers across many specialist industry sectors.