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Recruiting for the Aged Care Industry is a strange beast.

It is unique and can be frustrating at times to say the least!  It’s not the same as recruiting for any other industry, such as manufacturing, engineering, IT, etc.  It has its own set of rules, problems and you are dealing with very particular types of people.

  • First of all, it takes a special person to work in Aged Care.  It is a vocation, not a 9-5 job where you walk out the door and your life is your own.  Most people who work in aged care dedicate their lives to caring for the elderly.  It’s not about the money, they want to make a difference in people’s lives and want to be appreciated for what they do.
  • There is not a lot of money to go around in Aged Care.  Many Aged Care facilities are run by Not For Profit organisations who are dealing with tight budgets and limited resources and the salaries reflect this.  Most people in aged care are not properly remunerated for the work they do.
  • With many aged care facilities working on a shoe string, they are often short staffed and people are very busy – they haven’t got time to talk to some recruiter when they are worrying about whether they are going to achieve accreditation next week or they are dealing with an outbreak of gastroenteritis.
  • Why pay for a recruiter when you can do it yourself?  Most clients now have their own HR departments who think they don’t need recruitment agencies.   They try and do their own recruitment and only call on recruiters when they are desperate and can’t find anyone.  The rest of the time they don’t want to know you.   Not only that when they do ask for your help, the recruitment fee is much less than the recruitment fees in other industries.   This is simply because there is not much money to go around.
  • HR departments think that they will have more luck by asking several agencies to recruit for the same role.  Hence there are many of us out there all searching for the same person who has applied to the same job with more than one recruiter – so it’s a case of first in best dressed.  AND then you get candidates who just happen to forget to tell you that they have already applied for that role after you have submitted their CV.  Candidates also begin to wonder if there’s a reason the job is hard to fill and whether they should be applying at all!
  • Candidates will contact you either when they have just left a role or are in the process of leaving or in a contract role.  There is a very short frame in which to find them something suitable to move to – there is such a shortage of good candidates, they are quickly snapped up.  So it comes down to timing – having a good candidate and also having the right role at the time they are looking.
  • AND finally,  there is nothing worse than having a great candidate and not having a role for them to step into, except perhaps having a good client give you a job and you can’t find a good candidate!



Posted by Elaine Hession, Aged Care Recruitment Consultant -October 2013
Elaine photo Elaine comes from an admin background having worked in the construction/engineering industry for over 20 years.  About 7½   years ago Elaine joined Kingscroft as a resourcer, sourcing candidates for other consultants and helping them with their recruitment.  About two years ago Elaine started recruiting in the health care space in her own right.  Elaine is a keen gardener and qualified horticulturist and when not sourcing aged care candidates, is sourcing more plants for her garden!