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Science Medical Pharma and R&D

While this area often intersects with the other areas we operate in it may be worthwhile to outline our interest and experience  and capability in this sector.

Broadly speaking this space includes

  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Electronics
  • Base Research and Development (R&D)
  • Pharmaceuticals

These sectors while in Australia relatively small are both vibrant and volatile.  It is evident that in Australia this sectors often punch above their weight through creativity and tenacity and have produced some very successful large companies that are seen as global leaders e.g. CSL, Resmed Cochlear.

There are a bevy of smaller companies that are at different stages of development and success seeking talented professionals.  As well as Engineers and Scientists, business development, sales marketing, Quality, Regulatory Compliance and finance professionals are crucial to success.

Over the past 16 years Kingscroft has placed people into this sector in Australia and Europe.

Organisations that may be of interest include: