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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash - Security Swipe HospitalAn attack on a nurse at a Sydney hospital has prompted the NSW nurses union to demand better security and protections for patients and staff.

Sophie Moore
Australian Associated PressAUGUST 29, 20185:26PM
The NSW nurses union is demanding greater protection for hospital staff – including swipe passes for ward access – after a nurse was slashed by a knife-wielding patient in Sydney.

The nurse was attacked at Blacktown Hospital on Monday night by one of her patients who’d been behaving erratically before allegedly taking two knives from the staff room.

When the nurse – who was unaware the man was armed – attempted to persuade him to return to his bed he slashed her wrist and clothing, detectives allege.

The 47-year-old patient was subsequently charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Christine Boxsell, president of the Blacktown Branch of the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association, on Wednesday revealed the nurse was doing well physically.

“(The attack) is going to take her some time to get her head around because it was a very scary experience for her to go through,” Ms Boxsell told reporters.

The union wants the state government to install swipe card security on all ward doors and staff areas in existing hospitals.

Ms Boxsell said the upgrades should be modelled on Sydney’s new Northern Beaches Hospital which is scheduled to open in October and will have video intercom systems.

“Around the hospital, the nurses are scared. They’re scared that this could happen at any time to any one of us,” she said.
Opposition health spokesman Walt Secord has backed the push, noting swipe card security is being installed at state parliament.

“The NSW parliament is in the middle of installing swipe access to protect parliamentarians and their staff,” he said in a statement.

“If it is good enough for parliamentarians to have swipe access protection, then it is good enough for hospital staff in NSW.”


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