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In Veronica Scrimshaws recent NPA blog “Social Media for Recruitment” she referred to the infomatic from Staff.com  on how social media is being used by employers, recruiters, and job seekers.

One point being;

  • “75% of all employers and recruiters look at job seekers’ social media profiles before they make a hire”.

I would add that the smart job seeker also checks out their prospective manager’s profile.

As a manager/leader seeking to attract talent does your profile match up?  I know mine probably doesn’t.

Most ambitious people want to work with talented people so they can achieve and learn and then move onto their next challenge.

If this is the type of person you seek to fill a critical role then the recruitment process, the recruiter (internal or independent) you employ and the image you portray needs to be tailored accordingly.

Blog Posted by Garry King, Director – September 2014

Garry king Kingscroft Garry King is an Executive Recruitment Consultant, Owner and Practice leader at Kingscroft Consulting. Garry has been in the recruitment industry for 19 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help both candidates and employers across many specialist industry sectors.


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