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Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (8 of 10)According to Lou Adler, CEO The Adler Group: Leadership begins with a vision, confidence and persistence. Confidence and persistence begins by stretching yourself and sometimes failing.  In his article he quotes Zig Ziglar “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” 
That’s a principle everyone needs to apply to get ahead regardless of their age or their job.

“I was talking with some old fraternity brothers this past month to see if we could round up enough of us to attend our 50th college reunion next year. To make it more than just a beer fest, someone suggested we talk to the current members about some of the business lessons we learned over the years we could pass on.

As a start, I dusted off some notes I’ve been keeping in case I ever got asked to do a commencement address somewhere. I haven’t, but if I were, I always wondered what I would say to a bunch of twenty-somethings who don’t want any advice from someone from a long past era. So I figured I’d go back to those early days describing some advice I got then that I still follow 50 years later.

I remember starting my first job as a systems engineer on an aerospace project. My new boss gave me an unusual assignment on my start day. He wanted me to tell him what E = mC(squared) and “You can’t push on a rope” meant.

As part of figuring out the answer he said to first ask anyone you want in the department for advice or insight. Of course, I thought he just wanted me to meet everyone on my own since I already knew the answer to both questions.

It turned out I was wrong on all parts.

Here’s what I told him when we met for lunch in the cafeteria on the third day of my first job…”

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