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Are You Good Enough“You Are Not Good Enough“……In any one week I will speak with several people applying for jobs or ringing in to see “How is the market?” who have been told this by their employer. These people are usually excellent candidates and good at what they do. So what has happened?

Invariably they have had without notice a manager appointed above them. They have not been considered for the role or if they were considered no one told them.  Nor were they told about the reasons for imminent arrival of their new manager, in effect they are being told  “You  Are Not Good Enough”.

The result is, a once motivated effective professional is now set on leaving their employer. This is very costly to the employer and confronting for the employee who up until now had thought that they were a good performer valued by their employer.

As an employer/manager it is smart to ensure that your employees know where they stand when it comes to their performance and career development/succession prospects.

When a decision is made to recruit a new manager it is smart to communicate this effectively with their subordinates. It is also smart to make sure that the new manager is more effective than the people they are to manage.

As an employee it is smart to regularly check in with your manager to ascertain how they view your performance and where they see you going with your career.

Garry King

Blog Posted by Garry King, Director – June 2017

Garry king Kingscroft Garry King is an Executive Recruitment Consultant, Owner and Practice leader at Kingscroft Consulting. Garry has been in the recruitment industry for 19 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help both candidates and employers across many specialist industry sectors.